Original air date March 12, 2022 | Time 58:00

Joni Mitchell - Night Ride Home Jacob Collier - DJesse David Crosby - Lighthouse

Unbeliveable atrocites as War breaks out in Ukraine as Russia invades. Jacob Collier performs the Ukrainian National Athem on piano on March 7. We listen to a live performance from TED Talk in April 2022.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse go back to Colorado to record a new album "Barn" released on Dec 10, 2021. Sometimes the simplest song can be the deepest. "Don't Forget Love".

Joni Mitchell sets the landmark poem by "The Second Coming" by the Irish poet W.B. Yeats. He wrote it in the aftermath of WWI and it's eerily appropriate for today.

Becca Stevens and David Crosby collaborate on "Lighthouse" released in 2016. We hear "Look in Their Eyes" about immigrants and refugees loosed into a hostile world. We hear "Lean On" from Becca's 2017 album "Regina".