Recorded at home June 6, 2021

Heaven Is, lyrics by Ron English, music by Kathy Geary
Ron sent me these lyrics in March 2020. They impressed me so, that I wrote a song. I picked through the verses and changed the order but didn't change one word of the text. It was such a difficult time and I was thinking about the possibility of dying before I was ready. This song got me through that time.

I recorded this for the Tiny Desk Concert 2021 THEN decided to submit a different song! Such is life. But here it is anyway for your enjoyment.

Dressed up and ready to head out for the first time in a long time for an afternoon of music at my local haunt. Outdoors, friends, life. First time playing out in awhile.

Here's the beginning of a new song. I have more lyrics but still writing the music.