This opera is based on Shakespeare's "Othello" translated into Italian in the libretto by Boito. This performance is in the Tusten Theater in Narrowsburg NY, with lovely natural acoustic sound from the wooden stage. It's is a pleasure to sing there.
This is from the end of the play as Desdemona reflects on the day and prepares for bed, with a lingering unnamed fear about her husband, Otello. She prays an Ave Maria and goes to sleep.

The first song from Robert Schumann's song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben.

"Willie" (Joni Mitchell) Kathy Geary, voice and piano, at the Western Jan 13, 2017

"Let the Wind Carry Me" (Joni Mitchell) Kathy Geary, voice and piano, at the Western Jan 13, 2017

"Woodstock" (Joni Mitchell) Kathy Geary, voice and guitar, at the Western Jan 13, 2017

Live at The Bitter End, New York City

April 10, 1996
"Nashville" (Dan Martin)
"It's Alright (I Know I'm Gonna Live) (Patti Rothberg)
"Badly Jointed Knees" (Dan Martin)
"If I Should Live Without Your Love" (Bret Gardner) - partial - see part 4 for end of this beautiful song...

Bleecker St. Reality Band "Fourth of July, 1993"

Dan Martin David Sokol Kathy Geary Kevin Giordano

My friend and business partner David Sokol and I formed a band in the early 1990's named "Bleecker St Reality Band". We both lived in the same building on Bleecker St down in the West Village in NYC and we were partners in Euphoria Studios, a music rehearsal studio that is still running strong to this day. We met our bassist Dan Martin, a gifted singer songwriter with Cuban heritage, and together we placed an ad in the Village Voice looking for a lead guitarist. We found Kevin Giordano and made our first recordings within two weeks of meeting him, after maybe two or three rehearsals we produced "Fourth Of July", which was the actual recording date. Dan Martin's girlfriend Linda Rabiet made a video of the session.

We recorded covers. I had been a huge fan of Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks and we did two of his songs.

Reelin' Down (Dan Hicks)

Caught in the Rain (Dan Hicks)


True Blue Lou (Robin, Coslow, Whiting)

Pure Love (Dan Martin)

This is the second iteration of the Bleecker St Realtiy Band.

Kathy Geary, vocals, guitar
David Sokol, drums
Bob Windbiel, lead guitar
Tony Coniff, bass

We did a live showcase at the rehearsal studio for a record company executive. I think it was 1996.

From Euphoria Showcase

It's Alright (Patti Rotherberg)

Nashville (Dan Martin)

Emerald (Dan Martin)

WJFF Radio Catskill 90.5fm


Bleecker St. Reality Band "UNREAL"

Kathy Geary, vocals and rhythm guitar
Kevin Giordano, lead guitar
Dan Martin, vocals and bass guitar
David Sokol, drums

Recorded at the Power Station in NYC 1992

Falling Out Through Air (Rabiet/Martin)

Be Mine

Emerald (Dan Martin)

Frozen in Time (Rabiet/Martin)

Revelations Book II - back

Revelations Book II

released 1999 on WHICH Records, vinyl re-issue 2011

I AM HERE (Ron English / Kathy Geary)

Kathy Geary - vocals, piano
Don Martin - electric bass
Stephen Henderson - snare drum, congas
Andrew Williams - trombone
Serena Jost - cello
Produced by Kathy Geary & Ron English
recorded at Smash Studios, NYC 1999

Revelations Book II - back

HOLY TERROR (Ron English / Kathy Geary)

Kathy Geary vocal, piano
Bob Windbiel guitars
Don Martin bass
Adrian Harpham drums
Chorus: Emilio 'Zef' China, Michael DiRoma, Kathy Geary, Paris Pacchione, Nancy Tepper, Robert Wagner
Produced by Kathy Geary and Ron English
Mixed by Chris Albert at Mutiny Zoo Studios, Hoboken NJ
Recorded by Richard A. La Salvia at Smash Studios, NYC

CLOUD COVER Kathy Geary Sings the Songs of Joni Mitchell

I'm getting ready for my Joni Mitchell concert Friday June 21. I've been obsessed with her songs for the past couple of years, learning the alternative guitar tunings and miles and miles of lyrics. It's a daunting program. I'm feeling like I've reached a new plateau and am writing some original music being so inspired by her work. Also last week, celebrating my birthday coming up on June 20, I went to three concerts: David Crosby in NJ, Becca Stevens in NYC and Snarky Puppy in Brooklyn. Inspiring!!

Hyperjinx Tricycle

Hyperjinx Tricycle

released 2001 on Softskull

ROAD TO HEAVEN (Ron English / Kathy Geary)

Kathy Geary - vocals, piano

Produced by Kathy Geary & Ron English
recorded at Night Owl Studios, NYC 2001

This is the last piece I worked on with Ron English, after a series of collaborations for three different projects, from English 101, Popaganda and Revelations Book II. Ron wrote the lyrics for this song as a tribute and personal message to his long time friend Daniel Johnston. It mentions some of the icons and images that appear in Daniel's own songs. When I composed this song I was thinking about George Harrison's "Blue Jay Way". The crowd sounds were Ron's idea, he called them the "New Situationist Choir".

This song was written by Steve Chinske in New York City in 1990. I performed it at the Speakeasy on MacDougal St in the Village on May 30, 1990. There's a lot of tape hiss but it's the only recording made. And it also speeds up and down a little... Lovely song!

Steve Chinske and Kathy Geary in NYC 1986
Steve Chinske and Kathy Geary in NYC 1986


May 7, 2011 - The Delaware Valley Opera presents an "Evening of German Song" with Kathy Geary, soprano and Kevin Hanek, tenor accompanied by Lucy Arner at the piano.  A live recital of songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Mahler and Strauss.

The Delaware Valley Opera's 2011 Season is made possible in part with support from the New York State Council on the Arts and Sullivan County Arts & Heritage Grant.