Earth, Water, Air, Fire
We are made from the stars, the billion year old carbon in our bodies. We are 90% water. Everything around us is as alive as we are, the trees, the rocks, the water has it's own memories. The unique and impenetrable mystery of creation.

April 30,2021 at Cabernet Frank's in Parksville. NY

The road I live on is in the countryside and there are no lanes painted on the surface. I was driving home and it occurred to me there is no left or right and I was in the middle. When Yahweh separated the day from the night, he saw that it was good. I take that for myself. She saw that it was good. The world I live in is the world as I see it. I choose what I see. I create everything around me with my thoughts. And as a species that's how we exist. All of us imagining life, together. My guitar technique is inspired by Joni Mitchell and Michael Hedges. If I had to describe my music genre, I call it "ArtRock".

April 30,2021 at Cabernet Frank's in Parksville. NY

Last year, January 7, 2020 at Colony Woodstock NY my original song "Sleeping Outside" with two wonderful musicians. They had never heard the song before and agreed to join me on the spot. Seems like a million years ago.

Saturday, Oct 11 from 2 - 4pm, Honesdale Harvest Festival, Fred Miller Pavillion, Honesdale, PA

Honesdale Harvest Festival

Here's a selection of songs from the concert at Colony Woodstock on Aug 8, 2020 featuring original songs and more by Joni Mitchell.