Original air date July 7, 2012 | Time 56:00

"Great Singers Who Write Songs"

Sting, Jeff Buckley, Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell
The combination of a great voice - one with a large range and variety of colors and textures - and the genius of great songwriting is a rare gift. We listen to four musicians who are gifted by nature with a beautiful and strong voice. From Sting's solo recordings If I Ever Lose My Faith and Be Still My Beating Heart followed by 1994's Grace album by Jeff Buckley, his only studio recording before his untimely death at 31 yrs old. The strong powerful voice of the British singer Sandy Denny when she's 24 yrs old from her Fotheringay album and The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood. And finally the Canadian singer songwriter extroidinaire, Joni Mitchell from her 1977 recording Don Juan's Reckless Daughter and Passion Play.

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