Original air date February 6, 2021 | Time 58:00

Joni Mitchell - Travelogue Adele

Winning or Losing? - AT HOME for Feb 6, 2021 - I'm getting ready to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, at home, with the rest of America in the background. I don't really have a favorite team so I'm going to enjoy watching the passion of the athletes as they vie for victory. I find that my ideas have been shaped by the music I hear and today's program presents the different ways one can win or lose. Billy Joel's "I'm Still Standing" defines winning as just making it through, still standing at the end of the game, that's enough. Listen to a variety of singer-songwriters about what it means to Win or to Lose. Adele's "Turning Tables" and Stevie Nicks "Long Distance Winner" both explore wining and losing in relations and love. Joni Mitchell defines winning in "Number One" with mixed emotions. I'm presenting a new band I've just found, American Authors, from NYC, and their 2014 song "Best Day of My Life". Of course, the first song that comes to mind is Queen's "We Are the Campions". Hear it and more! Now and Then! Tune in to 90.5fm on Sat 3-4pm or streaming online and in the archives at http://www.WJFFradio.org

"Number One" by Joni Mitchell, lyrics excerpt
People cheer And people gasp, People want your autograph, When you're a winner...
Sweaty work And lucky breaks, And blood and tears is all it takes, To be a winner...

Sports, politics, it's all the same game. Who's the winner and who's the loser?

Sweaty work And lucky breaks, And blood and tears is all it takes To be a winner
People cheer And people gasp, People want your autograph When you're a winner
Run, run, run, run, Let's see you run, We'll be betting by the starting gun
Shall we shower you with flowers Or shall we shun ya, When your race is run?
Got to be a winner, trophy winner, number one.
- Joni Mitchell

  • Elton John - I'm Still Standing
  • ABBA - The Winner Takes It All
  • Adele - Turning Tables
  • Buckingham Nicks - Long Distance Winner
  • Stevie Nicks - For What It's Worth
  • Joni Mitchell - Be Cool, Dog Eat Dog, Number One
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