Original air date March 13, 2021 | Time 58:00

Shlomo Franklin APT 16 Jeff Buckley GRACE Jacob Collier - Djesse Vol 1

The Pain of Love and Men in their 20s - Songs about relationships and expectations from three young men in their 20s. You might already know Shlomo Franklin. He lives here and performs in our area. His album "Apt 13" brings his memorable songs to life. Jeff Buckley was 28 yrs old when he released his first album "Grace". It turned out to be the only music released before his death from drowning. A true virtuoso, Jacob Collier is nominated for the 2021 Grammy Album of the Year for his "DJesse Vol 3" and his song "All I Need" is nominated for the R&B Song of the Year. Jacob is from London England and is 26 yrs old. The Grammys are on Sunday at 8pm. Check it out. I hope you're enjoying the sunshine as we all look forward to a fresh new spring season.