Original air date January 12, 2019 | Time 59:00

Paul McCartney - Egypt Station Frank Zappa - Overnite Sensation Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde

It's great to be in a place that you love, home and warm in the winter. But! There's nothing like travel to lift the spirit and today we're taking a ROAD TRIP on the wings of song!

Joni Mitchell "Free Man in Paris" from Court and Spark 1973
Mark Knopfler "Lights of Taromina" from Tracker 2018
Paul McCartney "Back in Brazil" from Egypt Station 2018
The Beatles "Kansas City" from Live at the BBC 1965
Frank Zappa "Montana" from Overnite Sensation 1973
Richard & Mimi Farina "Reno Nevada" from Celebrations for a Grey Day 1965
Bob Dylan "Memphis Blues Again" from Blonde on Blonde 1966
Leonard Cohen "First We Take Manhattan" from Live in London 2009
Ed Sheeran "Barcelona" from Divide 2017
Michael Nesmith "Rio" from From a Radio Engine to a Photon Wing 1977