Original air date Sept 1, 2012 | Time 56:00

Tom Wilson, American Record Producer

Born in Texas in 1931, Tom Wilson graduated cum laude from Harvard in 1954 and formed his record label called Transistion. He recorded Sun Ra's first works. Eventually he was hired as a staff producer for Columbia Records in 1963 where he produced Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel and The Animals. He moved to MGM/Verve in 1966 where he discovered, signed and produced Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, The Blues Project, Hugh Masekela, and The Velvet Underground. We hear songs from all these artists. Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North Country", "Maggie's Farm", "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream", "Like a Rolling Stone". Simon and Garfunkel "Bleecker St", "Sounds of Silence". The Mothers of Invention "Who are the Brain Police", "Trouble Everyday". The Velvet Underground "Waiting for the Man" and finally The Blues Project "Flute Thing".