Original air date Feb 13, 2016 | Time 59:00

Leonard Cohen - Live Joni Mitchell - Blue

Other Places, Other Times - Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Joni, Mike Nesmith, Leonard Cohen, Davie Bowie

We escape the cold temperatures and travel the world, riding on song and poetry. Van Morrison is from Dublin, Ireland and he writes of the "Streets of Arklow" in Wicklow County from his second album Veedon Fleece in 1974. "Goin' Down to Monte Carlo" is from 2012's Born to Sing (No Plan B). Mark Knopfler is from Glasgow, Scotland and he dreams of the island of Silicy in "the Light of Taromina" from 2015's Tracker album. Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark and Blue are two of her most beloved albums, we hear "Free Man in Paris", "California" and "this Flight Tonight". Back in California, we find Mike Nesmith dreaming of "Rio". Travel for pleasure is something we all understand, but what is the meaning behind Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan". We reflect on David Bowie's meaning in his song "I Can't Give Everything Away" from his final album Blackstar as he contemplates that final journey, where one must give up everything, family, loves and even one's own body.

Mark Knopfler - Tracker Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece

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