Original air date Feb 11, 2017 | Time 59:00

Leon Russel Asylum Choir Sting 59th and 7th

Sting "Pretty Young Soldier" from 2016's "57th & 9th"; Fotheringay "Banks of the Nile" by Sandy Denny from "fotheringay" in 1970; Leon Russell & Marc Benno "Ballad for a Soldier" from "Asylum Choir II" in 1971; Eric Burden "Invitation to the White House" from 2013's "Till Your River Runs Dry"; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young "Let's Impeach the President" from 2003; Neil Young "Light a Candle" from 2009; Neil Young "Show Me" from his recordings at the Dakota Pipeline protests with the Native American Tribes in 2016 on "Peace Trail"; Joni Mitchell "Shine" from 2007 her last album to date and one of her saddest and bleak views of the world; Neil Young & Crazy Horse "This land is your land" composed by Woody Guthrie.