Original air november 4, 2023 | Time 58:00

Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds
Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds

The first new studio album from the Stones features Steve Jordan on drums since losing Charlie Watts, and producer Andre Watt co-writing with Jagger and playing bass on several tracks. Paul McCartney guests on bass on "Bite My Head Off". For me, the most exciting and iconic Stones song is "The Whole Wide World", the lyrics and Jagger's voice are irreplaceable. It only took four weeks to record the basic tracks, two weeks for overdubs and guitar and finally Jagger's vocals. Wow. He sounds just like he did on Exile on Main Street. I just can't get enough of this album.

Ringo Starr also released a new album "Rewind Forward" which he recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles.

We also hear the recently released Beatles song "Now and Then", which is a mind blowing synchronicity for me as it was the title of a song John Lennon wrote in the mid-70s. Paul and Ringo recorded new parts to a cassette recording John made with guitar parts George recorded in the mid-90s. John's voice was separate from the piano accompaniment using AI technology that Peter Jackson developed in producing the Beatles documentary Get Back.

Finally, we hear from McCartney II released in Dec 2020 with Paul playing all the instruments in a lock-down recording.

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