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George Martin died at his home in London on March 8, 2016, he was 90 yrs old. He studied music in college, and understood arranging and orchestrations, was a talented oboist and pianist. He produced 13 albums and 22 singles for the Beatles on the Parlophone label from 1962 - 1970. He helped John Lennon and Paul McCartney understand the importance o f introductions and endings to their songs. He invited them into the control room at Abbey Road and taught them how the recording equipment worked, leading them to experimentation with backwards tape loops and tape speeds, in addition to the addition of several instruments to their songs including flutes and string quartets. His influence on Paul McCartney was profound and led to Paul composing five classical pieces for orchestra, the first in 1991 an Oratorio for voice and orchestra, and most recently "Ocean's Kingdom" commissioned by the NYC Ballet and premiered in 2011.

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