Original air date October 17, 2015 | Time 59:00

Rock n' Roll n' Tabla - Eastern Indian Influences

George Harrison traveled to India and studied sitar and music with Ravi Shankar. We hear the Asian Music Society playing on "Within You and Without You" from the Beatles Sgt Pepper and "The Inner Light" from 1968. Leon Russell recorded "Beware of Darkness" with the Shelter People in 1971. That same year he performed this song live with George at the Concert for Bangladesh. The Rolling Stones recorded a country song, "Factory Girl" with Charlie Watts playing Tabla on Beggar's Banquet in 1968. Richie Havens recorded Beatles songs on almost every album including his debut "Mixed Bag" with his own composition "Adam" with Joe Price on Tabla. We hear him live in 1969 with "Indian Rope Man", "Strawberry Fields Forever" and from 2008 "Hurricane Waters". Paul Simon uses Tabla with a more traditional Indian feel on his 2011 "Dazzling Blue". We end our program with George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh recordings of "Wah Wah" and "Beware of Darkness".

Beatles George Harrison Concert for Bangladesh Leon Russell and the Shelter People Rolling Stones
Richie Havens Mixed Bag Richie Havens Nobody Left to Crown

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