Original air date Dec 18, 2021 | Time 59:00

The Beatles - Rubber Soul (1965) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams Van Morrison - Keep Me Singing

There's a rhythm to life, the passing of time and the memories that make us who we are - self identity. This time of year brings back family, old friends and past loves into one's thoughts.

Beatles "In My Life" composed by Lennon & McCartney from "Rubber Soul"
Joni Mitchell "Let the Wind Carry Me" composed by Joni Mitchell from "For the Roses"
Judy Collins "My father" composed by Judy Collins from "Who Knows Where the Time Goes"
Peter Paul and Mary "Bob Dylan's Dream" composed by Bob Dylan from "Album 1700"
Joan Baez "Diamonds and Rust" composed by Joan Baez from "Diamonds And Rust"
Stevie Nicks "for What It's Worth" composed by Stevie Nicks from "In Your Dreams"
David Crosby "Paint You a Picture" composed by David Crosby from "Lighthouse"
Sting "Hounds of Winter" composed by Sting from "If On a Winter's Night"
Van Morrison "Memory Lane" composed by Van Morrison from "Keep Me Singing"
Judy Collins "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" composed by Sandy denny
The GOASTT "Don't Look Back Orpheus" composed by Sean Lennon from "Midnight Sun"