Air date April 10, 2021 | Time 58:00

Spring Fever and Cars!

Climb into your car and take a drive with me as we travel through time and the American landscape. J. Barry Orchestra 1962 for the first James Bond Movie "Dr. No" takes us out onto the blacktop in our sporty car "409" also from 1962, by the Beach Boys. Aztec Two-Step takes us to Denver with Jack Kerowac's "Dean Moriarty" from 1972 and we travel with Bob Dylan on his 7th album Blonde on Blonde with "Memphis Blues Again". Phil Ochs sings "My Kingdom for a Car", Van Dyke Parks is "Dreaming of Paris", from his 2014 album Songs Cycled and Michael Nesmith takes us to "Rio" from his 1977 solo album. Richard and Mimi Farina sing with drums, bass and lead guitar with their typical folk dulcimer and guitar on "Reno Nevada" from 1966 and Brewer and Shipley sing "Shake Off the Demon". Paul Simon's recent album from 2011 reflects on love and cars in "Love is Eternal Sacred Light". Finally from 2012 the Beach Boys tell why "That's Why God Made the Radio". Happy Trails!!