Original air date January 19, 2019 | Time 59:00

Stevie Wonder - A Time to Love Prince - Purple Rain Prince - Hitnrun Phase One

As we prepare to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, lets explore the artistry of two of the great singer songwriters of our time. Both of these men showed musical talent from their earliest years, with Stevie signing his first recording contract when he was 11 yrs old. Prince was 17 yrs old when he released his first album. They are both virtuoso musicians and each of them often recorded and produced songs as a solo performance, being the only musician on all the instruments and vocals. They each offered unique points of view on life and love and have influenced our contemporary culture in lasting and valuable ways. Each of them have sold more than 100 Million records. Stevie Wonder started the campaign to make MLK's birthday a national holiday.

Boogie On Regae Woman, Fullingness First Finale 1974 - Stevie Wonder
If It's Magic" and As, Songs in the Key of Life 1976 - Stevie Wonder
When Doves Cry, Purple Rain 1984 - Prince
Shut This Down, 1000's of Xs and Os, June, Hitnrun Phase One 2015
So What the Fuss with Prince on guitar and A Time to Love with Paul McCartney on guitar, A Time to Love 2005 - Stevie Wonder