Original air date December 9, 2017 | Time 59:00

Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So What The Beach Boys - Smile Sessions Pete Seeger

Paul Simon "Getting Ready for Christmas Day", "The Afterlife", "Love and Blessings" from "So Beautiful or So What" 2011
Pete Seeger "The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood" composed by Richard Farina from "God Bless the Grass" 1966, "To My Old Brown Earth" 2010
The Byrds "Turn, Turn, Turn" composed by Pete Seeger 1965
The Steve Miller Band "Winter Time" from "Book of Dreams" 1977
Sting "Hounds of Winter" composed by Sting from "If On a Winter's Night" 2009
Mick Jagger "Dancing in the Starlight" composed by Mick Jagger from "Goddess in the Doorway" 2001
The Beach Boys "Our Prayer","God Only knows" composed by Brian Wilson from "Pet Sounds" 1966
The Beatles "Across the Universe" 1969