Original air date November 27, 2021 | Time 59:00

The Beatles - Get Back

Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings movies, has just released a documentary "Get Back" about the Beatles using footage from early 1969 sessions for Let It Be.

It opens up a whole new understanding of how these musicians worked and played together to produce the powerful music they created. The tension and talent is exciting to witness and to hear the songs being written in the moment is so satisfying.

We hear "Get Back" and "Don't let Me Down", "Because" from Abbey Road and a "Day in the Life" from Sgt Peppers.

Paul McCartney made a nice little speech at the premier of the documentary in London which we hear. Also tracks from his most recent Dec 2020 solo album "McCartney III".

John Lennon was only 40 when he was murdered in Manhattan. His songs remain unparalleled. We hear two of his home demos from the mid-1970s.

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