Original air date August 10, 2013 | Time 56:00

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell

They are two Canadian musicians who knew each other from the beginning of their careers. We hear Neil's "Sugar Mountain" followed by Joni's song "The Circle Game". Neil's solo album "After the Gold Rush" from 1970  shows his social commentary in "Southern Man". In 1976 Joni releases "Hejira" and we hear a track with Neil Young playing harmonica called "Furry Sings the Blues". "Crime in the City" is from Neil Young's 1989 "Freedom" album and is a long narrative with  each verse telling a different story about cops, musicians and record producers. This song shows Neil's ability to draw a vivid portrait of the world in a few words. Another large portrait of the world is Joni's song "Passion Play" from 1991 with allusions to Jesus Christ, corporate oil company slavery, all through her lyrical poetic lens. Moving into the present we hear a 2002 recording of Joni's "Big Yellow Taxi" and Neil's "Psychedelic Pill" from 2012.

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