Original air date Nov 22, 2014 | Time 56:00

George Harrison, Spiritual Rock and Roll

Today is the anniversary of George's passing away in 2001. We celebrate his talents with songs he wrote and music he played with friends. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from 1968 was based on the I Ching, he opened a book and saw the phrase "gently weeps" and wrote a song based on the phrase. Even though Lennon and McCartney dominated the Beatles repertoire, he was writing songs from the very beginning. We hear "I Need You" from 1965's HELP and "Old Brown Shoe" from 1969 with George on vocals, guitars, piano, organ and bass. His first solo recording was a triple album in 1971 "All Things Must Pass" and we hear Wah-Wah. He continued to collaborate with the other Beatles and from the same year we hear George on lead slide guitar on Lennon's "How Do You Sleep?". He co-wrote, produced, sings and plays on a song with Ringo on his 1973 album called "Photograph". After Lennon's death in 1980 he wrote a tribute song for John "All Those Years Ago" from his "Somewhere in England in 1981. In 1988 he formed the Traveling Wilbury's with Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison and we hear George's song "Heading Into the Light". Finally from the Beatle's Abbey Road we hear "Something" and then the title track from "All Things Must Pass".

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